Children's rights budgeting

At a national level children's budgeting is receiving considerable attention in Wales. The Children and Young People Committee of the National Assembly for Wales reported on their inquiry into Children's Budgeting and a response from the Welsh Assembly Government is expected in 2010. Prior to the Committee’s reporting the Assembly Government established a Task Group to develop proposals for Ministers to realise improvements in budget forecasting and greater transparency around spend on children and young people. The Group is expected to report to Ministers in 2010. At a local level there are a several examples of good practice in children's budgeting operating at service, local authority and project levels across Wales Thanos blog.

If you require further information on children's budgeting and children's budgeting at the local level please access our guide here.

This guide is a set of information and advice directed at local government, health boards and others providing local services to support full implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in Wales. The guide is intended to support Lead Directors and Children and Young People Partnership Coordinators, Youth Forum coordinators, local government officials, health service managers and school teachers to build their own capacity and the capacity of children and young people to participate in monitoring and evaluating public expenditure (including local government and/or school budgets) for the realisation of children's rights.

The first section of the guide gives the background to children's budgeting in the context of the United Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and relevant links to Welsh Assembly Government policy. The second section describes children's budgeting at a local authority level and sets out why it is important for realising children's rights. The third section presents guidance on undertaking budget analysis and monitoring. The fourth section describes participatory budgeting with examples from practice. The final section contains a list of resources for further information and advice. The guide includes ‘top tips’ throughout for children's budgeting.

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