Concluding observations

The Concluding Observations are issued to the State party by the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child after the Committee has received all reports, heard from the NGOs, the independent human rights institutions and children and young people, and has cross examined the UK Government. These are legal obligations that recommend how the State party can achieve compliance with the UNCRC. These point out:

  • Areas of concern identified by the UN Committee
  • Factors and difficulties impeding implementation of the UNCRC
  • Recommendations for future action

These observations should then become the starting point of the next reporting phase.

They should be seen as un-paralleled tool to stimulate discussion at the national level:

  • In setting priorities and mobilising partners at national and local levels
  • To exert pressure on government divisions and to follow-up on the recommendations made by the Committee
  • To lobby for changes in legislation and practice

It is an obligation of the State party (article 44.6) to make reports and the Concluding Observations widely available in their own countries.

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