Children’s rights corporate self assessment tool

The self assessment tool aims to help public sector organisations to assess their current approach to mainstreaming children's rights and to identify and challenge the barriers preventing progress. Further to the Assembly’s resolution of adopting the UNCRC in 2004 the Children Act 2004 guidance for Wales requires local authorities and their partners to have regard to the UNCRC, enshrining in secondary legislation:

"The Assembly Government has adopted the UN Convention as the foundation for all its dealings with children and young people, and local authorities and their relevant partners should have regard to its principles in providing services".

The Children and Young People Partnerships have to produce plans that support the well-being of children and young people in their local area and these plans are based on the 7 Core Aims, which are a direct translation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. However there is still no clear corporate approach to supporting the implementation of children's rights in local authorities and their partners across Wales.

We have developed the self assessment tool to help you understand where your organisation is with regards to meeting children's rights standards and what you can do to become an excellent organisation working for the realisation of children's rights.

The tool has not been developed on the basis of any formal audit and so must not be taken as indicative. It represents our judgement of how local authorities and their partners can improve their corporate approach in each of the 6 performance attribute areas.

The tool is currently out for consultation with partners and can be accessed here.

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