UN Committee on the Rights of the Child

The Committee on the Rights of the Child is a body of experts monitoring the implementation of the UNCRC by States Parties to the Convention. The Committee holds regular sessions per year to review State Parties reports on progress made in fulfilling their obligations under the Convention and its Optional Protocols. The Committee can make suggestions and issue recommendations to governments and the General Assembly on ways to meet the Convention's objectives.

UNCRC sessions

The Committee meets three times a year for a period of three weeks in January, May-June and September. During each session, the Committee examines reports from about 10 State Parties, discusses issues with a government delegation and issues recommendations (called "Concluding Observations").

NGOs are invited to submit "Alternative Reports" to State Parties reports to give a different perspective to the Committee. All Alternative Reports are made available through the NGO Group for the CRC and hosted on the CRIN website by session. NGO reports can also be searched on the CRIN website by country, session and author.

Information about past and forthcoming sessions, including State reports and Concluding Observations can be found on the website of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

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