Elected members

Article 42 of the UNCRC states that all adults and children should know about the UNCRC. In the Concluding Observations from the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child in 2008, the committee said that the Welsh Assembly Government should make sure that the rights in the UNCRC are known and understood by adults and children and that there must be training on the UNCRC for all adults working with children.

If children and young people are going to be able to exercise their rights fully, then elected members and other representatives making decisions affecting children and young people need to understand the UNCRC and how to take a child rights approach to policy and decision making.
For more information on why people need training on the UNCRC go to Raising Awareness on Children’s Rights in Wales page.

This includes:
• Local councillors, Assembly Members and Members of Parliament
• School governors
• Lay magistrates

This section contains resources directly tailored to each of the above, allowing you to download a short training package which could be delivered to any of the above groups.
If you are looking for more specialised training, please look at the relevant heading under the ‘Professionals’ tab. For example, Local Councillors sitting on the Social Services committee may find it useful to look at the training course for Social Workers.

Contact details for Save the Children

Training packages (links to download):
Note: With each PowerPoint slide there are Key Learning Points and descriptions of the activities. In order to access these you will need to save the PowerPoint presentation to your computer and then open in ‘normal’ view. In order to save either the PowerPoint or Course Outline, go to ‘File’ and ‘Save as’.

Local councillors (course outline) (PowerPoint)
Assembly Members
Members of Parliament
School governors
Lay magistrates


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