Children's rights strategy

What needs to be done?

  • Children's rights self assessment tool
    to help you understand where your organisation is with regards to meeting children's rights standards and to assist you to develop a children's rights strategy and action plan.
  • Children's rights situation analysis
    for example the children and young people’s partnerships via their single plan, planning process need to be fully aware of children's rights that are not being met in the local area and share this information with the rest of the local authority as well as their plan to address the identified rights violations.
  • Children's rights impact assessment
    all policy, legislation, projects, budgets should be proofed for compliance with the UNCRC.
  • Children's rights budgeting
    the budget should be planned in accordance with the best interests of children and young people, and allocated and actual expenditure on children should be made transparent to the public, relevant stakeholders and children and young people themselves. For further information access a guide on children's rights budgeting at the local level.
  • Children and young people’s participation
    in planning and reviewing policies and services – a participation strategy must be developed.
  • Non-discrimination against children and young people
    clear arrangements must be in place to ensure that children and young people are not discriminated against with regards to planning services and children and young people accessing services.
  • Raising awareness
  • Children's rights training for staff
    understanding of children's rights is critical if we are to fulfil the implementation of the Convention in Wales an awareness raising action plan should be developed and all staff should receive training on children's rights.
  • Commissioning and procurement
    all commissioning and procurement processes should be proofed for compliance with the UNCRC.
  • Inspection frameworks
  • Child protection policy and procedures
    if any work involves children and young people, organisations must develop a child protection policy and procedure to ensure that all children and young people are safeguarded from harm.
  • Performance management
    the organisation should integrate children's rights indicators into their performance management system. Currently in Wales an Outcomes Measures Framework is being developed for the Children and Young People’s Partnerships.

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