Article 42 of the UNCRC states that all adults and children should know about the UNCRC. Parents and carers are crucial to helping their children be aware of, understand and exercise their rights. This is particularly true for very young children who are not yet able to exercise their rights for themselves.

The UNCRC supports parents’ role in bringing up their children. Article 5 of the UNCRC states the Governments should respect the responsibilities, rights and duties of parents and/or carers and to direct and guide their children so that, as they grow, they learn to use their rights properly.

The UNCRC covers all aspects of a child’s life, including family life, school, health, play, leisure and work. This training is designed to help parents understand and support the Articles (rights) which talk directly about family life and also to make them aware of the overall range of rights, including how they work, what they mean and how parents can support their children to exercise them.

There are 3 separate training courses set out below, one for birth and step parents, one for adoptive parents and one for foster parents. There are specific rights about adoption and about foster care, so the last two types of training have extra elements to cover these rights.
For more information on why people need training on the UNCRC go to Raising Awareness on Children’s Rights in Wales page

If you are a professional, supporting or working with parents and carers and looking for training for yourself or your organisation, please refer to the Professionals page for training courses.

Contact details for Save the Children

Training packages (links to download):
Note: With each PowerPoint slide there are Key Learning Points and descriptions of the activities. In order to access these you will need to save the PowerPoint presentation to your computer and then open in ‘normal’ view. In order to save either the PowerPoint or Course Outline, go to ‘File’ and ‘Save as’.

• Birth parents, step-parents, other family members (Course outline) (PowerPoint)
• Adoptive parents (Course outline) (PowerPoint)
• Foster parents (course outline) (PowerPoint)

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