Children’s rights and UK legislation

What can be used to test or protect children's rights?



International human rights law
United Nations Convention on Children's Rights and other International Human Rights Instrument
Human rights standards for all children globally (apart from US and Somalia) Monitored and implemented by the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child and other International Treaty Bodies

Regional law
European Convention on Human Rights

EU Charter of Fundamental Rights



Applies to all children within the Council of Europe States

The Charter only forms an obligation for states when dealing with EU law matters; binding on the institutions

European Court of Human Rights




UK domestic statutory law (primary legislation Acts of Parliament)
Human Rights Act 1998
Children Act 1989
Children Act 2004
Anti-discrimination legislation
Applies to all children within the UK UK domestic courts
Case law
e.g. Gillick Case
Applies to children within the UK UK domestic courts


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