Health Professionals Report

Date Posted: 03/09/2014
Produced By: Article 42 Group, Save the Children
Resource Type: Written Publication Report
Resource Focus: General (Human rights/Children's Rights),
General Implementation Measures,
Family and Alternative Care,
Basic Health and Welfare,
Education, Leisure, Cultural Activities,
The Early Years,
Education and Learning Opportunities,
Health, Freedom from abuse and exploitation,
Play, Sport, Leisure and Culture,
Participation in Decision-making,
A Safe Home and Community,
Not Disadvantaged by Poverty
Region: Wales
Language: English
Purpose of Resource: Raise awareness of Children's Rights
Audience: Professional, Adult
Attachment: Click here to view


The hearing took place in January 2011. Two expert witnesses gave evidence at the meeting. Following this hearing, and based on its findings, interviews were conducted by Christina Hudson, a fourth year medical student with ten child health practitioners from across Wales. Nine of these interviews were used for a report written by the researcher. The tenth was conducted too late to be included in Ms Hudson’s report. All ten of Ms Hudson’s interviewees were promised anonymity. There were 7 panel members in total, 6 members of the Article 42 Group and 2 observers. For details of expert witnesses and panel members see Appendix 1. For ease of reference the term ‘witness’ in this report refers to all 12 medical practitioners who contributed to this study. This report is based on the written evidence and evidence gathered from the two expert witnesses at the hearing plus the transcripts of the ten pratitioners interviewed by Ms Husdon.

Contact Details: Save the Children
  3rd Floor Phoenix House,

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