Funky Dragon youth assembly for Wales 'facing closure'

Date posted19/08/2014

A charity that lets children have their say on Welsh politics has warned it faces closure after losing its funding.

Funky Dragon - the Youth Assembly for Wales - includes youngsters elected from each local council area to discuss issues like health and education.

Children's commissioner Keith Towler said he wanted to know who else would promote youth involvement in politics.

The Welsh government said the charity Children in Wales had been chosen after "a fair and open" application process.
'Independent' voice

Funky Dragon has received its core funding from the Welsh government since it was created in 2002.

In the last financial year, it received £418,000 from the Welsh government, as well as EU funding of £326,000 and smaller amounts from other sources.

The charity was told this year it would have to apply for funding through the Children and Families Delivery Grant but found out last week it was unsuccessful.
Funky Dragon members visit the Houses of Parliament Power trip: Members of the Funky Dragon youth assembly visit the Houses of Parliament

Chief executive Darren Bird said the charity now had little time to find alternative finance before its funding ran out in October.

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